CP sanitary bathroom fittings is a usual term used by the plumbing technician and customers in the construction industry. But still nobody knows the exact usefulness of CP. It is nothing but Chrome Plated Fittings (CP Fittings). 
Chrome plating is mostly used in the automotive industry and the bath ware industry. 
Chrome happens to be frugal, lightweight and attractive making it the best bet to plate luxury bathroom fittings. Most luxury bathrooms are state-of-the art designed sanitary ware which look spotless and attractive. 
Chrome plating also does not oxidize easily because of which it is mainly used in bathrooms and kitchens.
By using CP fittings you will definitely add more glamour to your bathroom, which is the most personal space inside your home. CP fittings help in bringing that glamour into your bathroom.

Full product display available at our Gadital showroom.

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