A substitute for traditional RCC pipes and chambers. UGDS Pipes & Fittings are foam core PVC pipes that have high load-bearing strength. Also a wide range of manhole cores with rodent free properties.

UGDS Pipes & Fittings and manhole cores are easy to install. Hence, work is done faster and less manpower is required. These pipes are self-socketed, joined with the help of solvent cement (cold welding). Available in standard lengths & are brown in color.

These pipes are designed to carry the soil & waste from the Drainage Systems to appropriate drains or sewer through an underground network of pipe.


  • Light weight, hence easy to transport.
  • Excellent Stiffness and Impact Resistance.
  • Ease of Installation and Handling.
  • Leak free joints & Ease of jointing when using PVC joints & fittings.
  • Smooth inner bore for better flow rate of water and prevent build up of deposits & scaling.
  • Immune to galvanic or electrolytic corrosion thus ensuring long life below the ground, lower installation & maintenance costs as compared to conventional pipes.

Full Display @ our Gadital showroom.

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